Tuesday, September 23, 2008

All This Post is Missing are Pictures

I had an awesome weekend this past weekend. I was out and about for both days, starting with seeing "Tropic Thunder" on Friday (just for Robert Downey Jr). It wasn't bad... I'd recommend waiting for the DVD if you want to see it. Or better still, taking it out of the library (for free).

Saturday I wandered around the Thornhill Festival, bought food (mmm... roasted yams), bugged some of my co-workers who were there representing the library... then hopped on the subway and went downtown to meet up with Dee and Pete, who were in town to see Blue Man Group.

Sunday I went to Wonderland to celebrate Corinna's birthday. We met up with Ian and Emily and Emily's sister Allison for a bit, then after all the fun roller coasters we went out for sushi.

It was lots of fun. I also got a bit of knitting done on my re-started scarf. Of course, every time I sit down to knit Hamlet tries to eat my yarn. I had to build a pillow barracade, which he took as a challenge and ended up attacking from a different direction. *sigh*

Oh, and last night I saw the TV show "The Mentalist". Originally, I thought this concept was pretty stupid, just like CSI and Law & Order, but I watched it and it's pretty good. (It helps that Simon Baker is pretty hot) ;)

Next post will have pictures of the aforementioned activities... except the TV show. You can Google that yourselves!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Not-Sims update

I was reading through my blog the other day and came across a few pictures of this alpaca scarf I was knitting last year. I know I never finished it, so I dug around my apartment until I found it. Apparently I had screwed up the pattern somewhere (and I couldn't remember what the pattern was), so I pulled it all out, found the pattern online, and started again. No pictures yet, but Hamlet has a taste for alpaca (almost as strong as his taste for lamb) so I have to keep the scarf in a box. Good thing kittens don't have thumbs!

And now, a random alpaca picture:

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sims Update

Because I know you're all eager to know how my sims are doing ;)

Well, the fugly kids grew up to be not-so fugly... which is a relief. I was going to give Caris (the girl) a nose-job for her birthday!

Pictures will follow when I take a few!

Edited to add photos:

Caris as a teen (no longer duck-looking)

Her twin Edwin as a teen

Big brother Malcolm as a teen

So I guess they didn't turn out that badly after all...

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Not much to report, actually. It's just been a while since I updated...

Well, today being Sept 11th, I could comment on the 9/11 memorials that are airing on TV right now. Do you remember where you were when the planes crashed? I was getting ready for class, watching Regis & Kelly (which I no longer watch, after coming to my senses and realizing how annoying they both are). Scary stuff.

On a happier note (or at least, less sad note), I'm once again obsessed with The Sims. It comes and goes in waves and I seem to be sucked under right now. The new Apartment Life expansion pack may have had something to do with that. Anyway, my favourite couple had 3 kids and they all ended up being pretty damned ugly...

Aida Banks (mother; normal looking)

Eoin Banks (father; big ears but otherwise normal)

Children (L to R): Caris, her twin Edwin, big brother Malcolm

Okay the photo isn't that great (I'll take better ones and post them), but Caris has a very long nose and no jaw so she kind of looks like a duck. Edwin has a broad jaw and turned up nose so he looks like a slack-jawed skull. Malcolm is the most normal looking, but his face is pancake flat and his chin rivals Jay Leno.

I was hoping my favourite couple would have pretty kids... instead of a duck, a skull, and Jay Leno. *pout*

Edited to add better photos of the children:

Malcolm, the eldest (and most normal looking)

The twins, Caris and Edwin

P.S. Hermes has received a clean bill of health from the vet. Thanks to everyone who sent their well wishes! I'm very happy my kitty is healthy!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Crazy Times

I returned from my wonderful cottage vacation on Monday and have had a tough time readjusting to city life (especially the noise and lights)

Then last night, I got a pretty big scare.

I got home from work and found a puddle of blood by the front door. Obviously, it wasn't mine (I would notice if I bled that much onto the floor) so I went to check on my cats. Hamlet was jumpy and purry like always, but Hermes was acting more standoff-ish than usual. So I called the 24-hour vet clinic, inspected Hermes for blood stains (found none) and brought my kitty to the vet.

After a 2 hour wait (we're getting close to midnight now) I got in to see the vet. Hermes' internal organs were fine, temperature was normal, no blood stains, good teeth and mouth... so no explanation for the blood at all. I paid the bill and went home, exhausted.

When I got home (about midnight-thirty) and let Hermes out of his carrier, I found a few pieces of bloody poop in the back of his carrier. This morning, I found another bloodstain near the litter box.

Maybe Hermes is just stressed from the loud jackhammering that's been going on. Or maybe he ate something that didn't agree with him... He's acting normal, eating and drinking well, and doesn't appear to be in any pain. I'm confused.