Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Busy Month of May

Wow. I've been neglecting the ol' blog again. I tend to do this from time to time, when my life gets exceedingly busy.

So, let's review, starting with knitting projects. A few posts ago (whoa - way back in February!), I was talking about all the beautiful things I've been knitting. Here's a status update:

1. Simone - flare sleeved cowl sweater
Hmm ... haven't touched this one in months. But I did get a good chunk of it done before getting side tracked. Hopefully I'll finish it this summer!

2. Proposition - entrelac gloves
After various attempts at getting gauge, this project is temporarily frogged. I will work on it again though! I still love it!

3. Lady Eleanor - entrelac stole
Ooo ... I'm *this close* to finishing it. It's huge and unweildy now, so it's tough for me to work on it. But it will be done! And (hopefully) soon!

4. Clapotis - rite of passage
Yeah. Not happening. Not yet, anyway.

5. Patchwork Trio Afghan - for Mom
So I got all the yarn for this one, figured out how to do the squares, gave a bunch of balls to my Mom so she could do her part ... and then my sister gave us some terrific news.

So, what have I been knitting, if all these projects seem to be paused? Well, based on my sister's terrific news, I've been a little bit baby crazy. So 99% of my knitting projects have been baby booties and I have plans for other baby things. Once this is done (and the kid is born), I'll get back to my regularly scheduled knitting.

That's my knitting update. Other than that, I've been seeing a new awesome guy and we've been hanging around together a lot. There's Dee's rapidly approaching wedding, which resulted in a fantastic bachelorette party ... first trip of the year to Wonderland with Corinna ... and a bunch of other great stuff that's been keeping me busy. So yeah. That explains the lack of updates, but I'll try to do better!

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Adriana said...

It was a fantastic bachelorette, wasn't it? Kind of the knitters to have the Frolic that day :)