Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bloggin' at the cottage!

I love vacations. I'm having an awesome fantabulous time here. It soooooo relaxing I don't want to leave! I'm sitting outside, on the deck, in the sun, typing away on Ophelia (my netbook - I have a thing for Hamlet inspired names right now) and watching the annual chipmunk eat peanuts from Corinna's hand.

The chipmunk just ran across my keyboard! He was so light he didn't even push any keys! And all because Corinna ate his peanuts ;)

Ok, back to my vacation. The first weekend was kinda rainy, but during the brief non-rainy parts, I went out and took some pictures:

Playing with the colours... everything is black and white except for the blue of the hummingbird feeder

Then the weather got a bit better... and I got a bit bored with reading, knitting, and FFXII so I played with the timer on my camera:

Trying to look all thoughtful...

Look at that beautiful sky!

Then Corinna came up and we went to the Scuplture Garden and Haliburton Highlands Museum. We were trying to get all edumacated while we were up here, relaxing :)

Not a statue - a real deer! So pretty!

And finally, for this post anyway, this year's chipmunk that Corinna has named "Alvin"