Sunday, May 24, 2009

The most wonderful time of the spring...

It's Anime North day today :D

A few hiccups with this year's guest list, but I'm still going and looking forward to it! Pictures will inevitably follow.

I've been a bad blogger, so here's a quick catch up on what's going on in my life, hobby-wise.

Gave up on the baby sweater and am now knitting an orange and blue panda for baby Simon (who I think was just born - stay tuned for official confirmation)

Also, I got the Taiyo to finish the sweater I've been trying to finish for over a year now. Yay!

Gloves are 100% finished, and I have started on the matching beret, only to put it aside to finish the panda.

GO SEE STAR TREK! It was *awesome* even if you never followed the original series. If you know the bare minimum (i.e. who Kirk is and who Spok is) you should be fine. Plus, the guy who plays Kirk is pretty damned hot.


Next on the movie agenda: The X-Men Origins Wolverine movie. I'm really only looking forward to Ryan Renolds, and I heard his roll is very small, so I'm preparing myself for disappointment.

In Other News...
I have a 6 day vacation coming up in June, and since I think I'll be spending the majority of those days by myself, I wanted to buy a small, cheap laptop for word processing so I can work on one of my novels while I'm up there. Tuesday's mission: go to Best Buy and check out the laptops.

But for today, I'm off to ANIME NORTH! :D