Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sims 3

Okay, since I'm enjoying Sims 3 so much (ooo... new and shiny!), I thought I'd share a few screencaps. The two main characters are Desdemona Lotus (who has a twin sister named Ophelia) and Dennis Duckworth (who is insane) :D

Now I didn't start taking pictures until after they'd finished dating and Desdemona abandons her sister and moves in with Dennis. Then, he decides to take her to a secluded beach at sunset.

And Dennis proposes to Desdemona! (Oh, the graphics on this game are amazing!)


I just took this picture because Dennis came home from work after a "failed experiment" :)

Dennis and Desdemona take a cab to their wedding :)

Desdemona talks to Ophelia, who is kinda bitter that her sister is getting married and she's not :)

Dennis and Desdemona exchange rings :)

*applause* as the bride and groom smooch (gods I *love* the graphics!)

Then something weird happened... one of the wedding guests up and died at the wedding! Talk about a buzz kill!

And not long after getting married, Desdemona finds herself expecting (the maternity pjs are much nicer in this game than Sims 2)

Aaaah! The baby is coming! In this game, your Sim can go to the hospital to deliver :)

And since Dennis was eating, Desdemona goes to the hospital on her bike :D

And baby Daniel is born! *applause* ... ... I wanted a girl :(

So there's a brief glimpse at Sims 3 :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Distracted by Life

I've really, really been neglecting the ol' blog. Apologies to anyone out there who still reads this. Without getting into any details, let's just say my life has been a roller coaster ride the past few months with too many ups and downs.

Let's see... what I have I been working on?

Well, I've been knitting a gorgeous shawl out of the Noro Chirimen that Heather picked up for me at the Yarn Frolic (which I couldn't attend because, alas, I was working). Originally I was going to use it to make a sweater, but I really need a shawl for the summer (work is overly air conditioned) and the colours are so lovely!

And like usual, I don't have a picture of it. Sorry :(

The other thing occupying my time?

I've only had it for a few days, but it's oodles of fun :D

I also finished reading "The Count of Monte Cristo" (I'm stupidly proud of this - it's 1243 pages with really small type!) and I recommend it to anyone who has the time to read it.

Also, everyone should read "The Mystery of Grace" by Charles de Lint. I read it not knowing at all what it was about, and enjoyed it more that way. It's a fabulous read, supremely well written, and difficult to put down. Trust me, go read it :)

That's about it for my update. Once I figure out how to take pictures in Sims 3, I'll show you some of the wacky things you can do in the new game.

And once I get someone to take pictures of me in my recent knitting accomplishments, I'll post them too!